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PaperScore is an international scientific publication platform that does not accept or reject papers, but rather grades them with rating scores and lets the authors decide whether or not to publish their papers along with the reviewers’ comments and scores.

PaperScore is not limited to any field of study and publishes papers from all research areas. During 2023, each new user can submit one manuscript for FREE.

Why No Editors?

Editors decide if a submission falls under the scope of the journal.

shadowPaperScore does not follow traditional categorizations based on disciplines, but rather uses keywords to “tag” papers, so any manuscript can be published in PaperScore.

Editors find and assign reviewers for a submitted manuscript.

shadowPaperScore uses keywords, references, an incentive system and the small world phenomenon to find and acquire the most suitable reviewers for each manuscript.

Editors decide to reject or accept a manuscript.

shadowPaperScore lets authors decide whether to release, revise or withdraw their manuscript, but if released, it is published with the reviewer comments and median rating scores.

Editors judge and evaluate the reviewers' works and contributions.

shadowPaperScore acknowledges accurate and timely reviews through reviewer points. Reviewers are evaluated against each other and by the authors and the readers.

Why PaperScore?

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Who is PaperScore for?


You get free access to many professional and academic articles accompanied with reviewer comments and rating scores. You can also leave comments under articles and be acknowledged for your insights.

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You can submit one manuscript for free during 2022. Your submission can be reviewed and rated anonymously by experts and then can be published at no cost if you decide to release it with the review results attached to it.

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What are Scores for?

Internal Papers
Internal Papers

Authors can submit their original research studies to PaperScore. Then reviewers are selected and will review the submitted manuscript before publication.

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External Papers
External Papers

PaperScore enables reviewing articles that are already published in other journals. These post-publication reviews provide important insights about the published research.

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Review External Papers
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Other Journals
Other Journals

PaperScore allows users to evaluate and rate other journals in terms of their quality, speed, impartiality, reputation, relevance, governnace, etc.

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