How to Overcome Obstacles to Publishing Research

How to Overcome Obstacles to Publishing Research
Published on September 22, 2022


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After lots of hard work, time, and research, you are finally ready to begin the publishing process for your article. Unfortunately, the publishing process is no easy feat. It is important to have a good understanding of the publication process before beginning it. By choosing the right journal, accepting criticism, and persevering through rejection you will be much better equipped to publish a research article. 


Choosing the Right Journal  

The first and arguably most vital step in publishing a research article is choosing the right journal. It is important to choose a journal that aligns with your field and audience. Before choosing a journal you should check its editorial policy so that you can understand what the journal is looking for. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to look at various articles that have already been published in the journal. 

When choosing a journal it is also necessary to keep in mind the different biases that are prevalent in the academic journal industry. Unfortunately, the best articles are not always published in the top journals due to biases. Often, major journals will only publish articles from well-known researchers or researchers from the most prestigious schools. 


Accepting Criticism

During the peer review process, your article will be sent out to various experts to be read and reviewed. It goes without saying that no paper is perfect. Peer review is an inevitable step in the publication process. By keeping this in mind, the process is easier overall. It can be difficult seeing your research being critiqued and marked for errors repeatedly. During peer review, you should always keep an open mind to what reviewers are saying, do not defend your paper. 


Persevering Past Rejection

In the event of receiving a rejection from an academic journal, perseverance is key. No step in creating a research article is easy and this is known from the beginning. If you believe in your research, rejection from a journal is just another small obstacle that can be overcome. Keep working towards your goal of publication. 

Begin to think about why you are experiencing rejection. Furthermore, reconsider the journal you applied to. It may be beneficial to reexamine the section on choosing the right journal.

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